Storage and Handling Statement

It is our mission to properly store and handle the products we sell. As a Certified Labdiet® Dealer, we
are inspected and audited annually by Purina Animal Nutrition. In addition, internal and external
audits of our ISO 9001:2015 program are conducted on a regular basis. The following is a description
of our facility and our warehousing and distribution procedures.

  1. Building Description
    ScottPharma occupies 30,000 square feet in a one story industrial/flex building of approximately
    76,000 square feet. It was built in 1966 with steel frame and masonry siding. Our facility is used
    exclusively for the distribution of laboratory animal supplies. Our product storage areas are chemical
    and pesticide free. Any products and disinfectants used on our equipment is stored in a secure,
    isolated location.
  2. Storage
    Product is thoroughly inspected upon receipt to our warehouse, during storage and before delivery to
    customers. Any broken or damaged bags are isolated and held in a designated area until removed
    from the building. Feed and bedding is stored on metal pallet racks at least 18” away from walls to
    allow for proper circulation and inspection.
    ScottPharma adheres to a strict inventory rotation program. All products are rotated on a first in, first
    out basis. Laboratory feed is received by lot number (i.e. date of manufacture) and that lot number is
    printed on all delivery tickets and invoices. This allows us to track each individual bag from the time of
    manufacture through delivery to your facility. Feed manufacture dates are carefully monitored and any
    product older than 180 days is removed from inventory.
  3. Sanitation and Pest Control
    ScottPharma maintains a rigid sanitation and pest control program to ensure proper vermin control.
    Our pest control service is Modern Pest, 100 Pleasant St, Brunswick, ME 04011 (800) 323-7378. Our
    facility is inspected and treated for pests a minimum of once a month and a written report is issued for
    each visit.
  4. Temperature and Humidity
    Our warehouse is monitored by (3) HOBO® loggers on an hourly basis for temperature and humidity
    to ensure the nutritional quality of the feed is maintained for its entire shelf life. The majority of our
    products are stored at ambient temperature, not to exceed 82°F or fall below 50°F. Deviation reports
    are filed for any temperatures that fall outside this range. Relative humidity averages approximately
    50%. In addition, we have a designated climate-controlled storage area for temperature sensitive
    products. Due to the high turnover of inventory, most diets leave our warehouse within a few weeks
    of receipt.
  5. Delivery Vehicles
    We maintain delivery vehicles in sanitary condition and keep them free of any contaminants. Our
    vehicles are used exclusively for the delivery of animal feed and bedding. Trucks are cleaned and
    sanitized on a regular basis as part of our ISO 9001:2015 program.

Revised March 2024