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Bedding Products

Selecting the right bedding for your animals can decrease their stress and improve their performance, thus supporting more accurate research results. Bedding choices can also reduce the work of animal care providers and create a more pleasant working environment. Whether you prefer paper, wood, corn cob, or a combination, we offer a wide variety of bedding products to suit your need. Many are available irradiated and most are autoclavable. Some beddings are also available certified and in bulk totes. We also offr custom cage liners and pads.

Wood Bedding

Wood Bedding SuppliersWe offer a variety of wood bedding products by the industry’s two leaders, Northeastern Products and PJ Murphy.

Cage Liners & Pads

We sell a wide variety of non-contact cage liners and pads, custom cut to your specifications. Storage an issue? We’ll stock your inventory in our warehouse and deliver to you as needed. Lead time approximately 4 weeks. Minimums apply.