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Our Products

Our Products

Our ProductsWe offer a wide range of feed, bedding and enrichment products from the finest manufacturers in the industry. We are committed to the proper handling and storage of all products and follow a vigorous inspection and rotation policy.

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Our team can help you determine which diets will work best for you, from maintenance to breeding, to custom research diets for special applications.


Whether you prefer paper, wood, corn cob, or a combination, we offer a wide variety of bedding products to suit your needs.


Proper enrichment reduce stress, encourages, and stimulates natural behaviors such as nesting, gnawing and play.

Supplier Directory

We’re proud to carry products from these fine manufacturers:

  • Ancare
  • The Andersons
  • Biofresh
  • Bio-Serv
  • Mazuri
  • Northeastern Products
  • PJ Murphy Forest Products
  • Purina LabDiet
  • Purina TestDiet
  • SE Lab Group/Napa Nectar
  • Shepherd Specialty Papers
  • TFH Nylabone
  • WF Fisher & Son
  • Zupreem